We bring pop-culture to life

From products to experiences, we create deeper connections between fans and the things they love.

We are Bioworld

The pioneers of pop-culture products and the leading global manufacturer of licensed apparel and accessories for 20 years. We’ve led the way for over two decades because we look at the licensing industry differently — from the fan’s point of view.

We go beyond merch, beyond commerce. We cultivate self-expression.

Retail Distribution

We design into 20 product categories and offer complete retail distribution at every tier — all to help fans connect at every price point, style, and trend.

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Brand Management

We go way beyond product. We boast a global sales force and leading product design team, and handle everything from marketing to engagement. All tailored completely to the unique needs of your brand.

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Design and Innovation

With 150+ product design experts, we have entire teams to cover every product category. We’re able to create custom assortments at every level of retail, so your brand can make the biggest statement and impact.

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World-class Infrastructure

With nine offices worldwide and a global team of 500 employees, we own the supply chain — from manufacturing to distribution and every step in between. Our partners know we aren’t just one solution. We’re THE solution.

Power in Numbers





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