Episode 2: Agility to Succeed

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Hello valued partners.

We hope this finds you well. We’re back with episode two of The Bioworld Connection. In this installment we want to discuss Bioworld's agility. What do we mean by that? Our diversified business model allows us to continue to reach fans across multiple channels during this challenging time. One of those channels is our direct to consumer business. Bioworld has four DTC brands focused on connecting with specific fan segments. This not only gives us direct insight from the fans on current and emerging trends, but also allows us to continue the conversation from our brand partners.

Our priority is connecting consumers globally by creating richer connections between fans and the things they love. While everyone is doing their best to navigate these unchartered waters, we can still reach consumers directly with branded product collections. This is a strategic benefit during this time.

Fans still want to express themselves. Consumers are still active. We have those relationships. We pride ourselves on being able to extend the brand's story throughout the evolving retail landscape.

Our global infrastructure and supply chain are fully functioning. We continue to own the process from product design to manufacturing to distribution and every step in between. This enables us to build the future of consumer connections through any business climate. We’re continuing to reinvent ways to cultivate self-expression.

As always, we want to assure you that Bioworld is a trusted ally. Until next time. Stay safe and productive.

Your friends at Bioworld